Dooney Woodworks excels in the quality of their craftsmanship and exquisite response to client needs. They are finely tuned in their details and production. I look forward to many more projects with them. From entrance gates to custom pieces of furniture, they produce perfection both for the designer involved and the client who will be the happy owner of the pieces
— Tyler Tinsworth, Tyler Tinsworth Ltd
Normally I would take woodworking concerns about my boats to a shipyard, but with the addition of Dooney Woodworks in town I have found that they can take care of a lot. Recently they redid a couple of deck chairs for the Yacht Empress and they are as beautiful as ever. Not only were they fixed but the turn around was quick and the cost was refreshingly reasonable for work that in a shipyard would be the same quality but much more expensive
— Charles A. Flye, Skipper of Empress